Value Added Services

ITL Logistics has the ability to customise our services to meet specific logistics requirements. We have the flexibility to adapt and familiarise ourselves with individual customer’s product specifications. Our full range of value added services include but not limited to:

 Kitting & Light Assembly

From the component parts and accessories, we will make finished products before delivering to consumers. Our staffs with proper training and hands-on practise make sure that no mistake is made during the process. Currently we provide this service to the IT and telecom customers.

Packaging & Repacking

During stock transfer from plant to warehouse and during warehouse handling operations, packages might be damaged and need replacement. ITL Logistics offers the service of packaging and repacking with suitable packaging materials to ensure that your goods stay in the original good condition.

Co-packing & bundling
Promotional items need to be attached to the main products or loose pieces need to be bundled together? No problem, with support of small machine we can co-pack or combined loose pieces into bundle without difficulties.
Every single product has its barcode and different type of label when being shipped out of the factories. However, finished goods need more labels before being delivered to the consumers. Item codes, warranty cards or labels for imported products are the most common items that our service covers.

Value-Added Services

Training & Hands-on Practise

Customised Services