Customs Brokerage

ITL Logistics provides exceptional and premium Customs Brokerage service to any and all types of importers in a wide variety of industries.

Whether the goods are casual or perishable, hazardous or high-value, we act on behalf of our customers to ensure that goods get through customs channels quickly and efficiently, while at the same time ensuring strict compliance with Customs and Government regulations. Our uniform process helps to make sure that procedures are properly complied right at the beginning.

DohPw8rW0MLtsPS_2o1HWZAQ2jE5bIAnIHEzYWbavv0Vietnam is without doubt one of highest growing economies in the world. Formalities in the local market can vary from time to time at this developing stage and we have established good working relationship with the relevant authorities to help you overcome these obstacles. For traders that wish to penetrate into this highly lucrative market but without own physical presence and entity, we have a pool of trusted and dependable State-owned companies who we can assign to act as your Importer of Record (IOR) or Exporter of Record (EOR)

Our scope of services include:
– Shipment track and trace from departure to arrival and real-time status report
– Documents and customs paper processing
– Duty & Tax calculation and valuation
– Customs formalities and procedures consultancy
– Assistance in license and certificate application
– Other customs related services

Customs Brokerage

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