Cross-dock Operation

In today’s fast-moving dynamic market, speed of delivery is a major focus to all business entities. As a result, cross-dock has become an efficient solution and option of choice for time sensitive orders requiring high fulfillment rate. Cross-dock bypasses the storage activity by transferring products directly from inbound receiving area to the outbound shipping area.


02 JOK_8521_300x300Cross-dock operation helps you:
– Avoid unnecessary storage cost as products are not taken into inventory
– Improve product availability and productivity
– Increase customer service level through fast order cycle

Flexible solutions for Cross-dock that ITL Logistics provides are for both operation in town and at train stations in the South, Central and North of Vietnam. Cargoes are sorted per orders in the marshalling area immediately after unloading from container or wagon, then to be moved to shipping area for loading onto different trucks for delivery to various destinations in nearby provinces.

Cross-dock Operaton