How do customers expect to actively get the real-time daily inventory report while WMS is used at the warehouse side only and managed by our staffs? One of the great projects of our IT team – K-Portal, was created to provide greater value to our customers. K-Portal is web-based system with convenient use, which allows customer to log on at any time during day and from any where. K-Portal is friendly used with different criteria selections for certain report.

K-Portal provides real-time information of inventory as:
Picture 02– Inventory on hand
– Inventory on hold
– Item movement/transaction report
– Cycle count/stock take report







K-Portal allows customers to place and track orders with selection of different criterion:
– Tracking of KPI (aging report)
– Tracking inbound
– Tracking outbound
– Provide alerts: out of stock, expiry date

Real-time Inventory Report

Tracking & Tracing

User Friendly