In today’s modern logistics market, apart from management capability, owning warehouse facilities is one of the key competitive advantages. Recognising this important factor, we have invested our own facilities with modern concept. Most of our warehouses are constructed with high dock and equipped with dock levellers convenient for loading/unloading of containerised goods. Sky light roof is used to save the energy for operation during daytime, whilst heat insulating layer is equipped to maintain the temperature to the lowest possible. As a professional logistics service provider, we understand the importance of security and safety to our customers’ inventory. All the warehouses are equipped with advanced CCTV, smoke detectors and fire alarms. Spacious comfortable office space is available for any representative from your company stationed there to co-ordinate with us in daily operation.

Selective racking

Selective pallet rack is the most common used pallet racking system in our facilities, being very versatile with the advantages of:
– Direct access to all pallets
– Handle one pallet without moving or shifting other pallets
– Easily remove or add load beams to fit with new load size or for additional layers


Our VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) pallet rack is an effective method of increasing pallet storage space within a given area with the advantages of selective racking. This system requires a special fork lift which reduces the aisle space by a minimum of 40% compared to traditional fork lifts. This system still provides 100% product selectivity and utilises the vertical space for pallet storage and ensures that space is used efficiently.


ASRS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System) enables you to automatically store and retrieve pallets racking locations. It is possible to increase storage density up to 60%. The pallet storage system is based on the transfer of pallets via pallet conveyors and transfer carriages to the pallet racking serviced by Storage and Retrieval machines. The sophisticated control monitoring systems ensure point-to-point tracking of goods.
ASRS facilitates very high density storage even when actual floor area is limited. Stacker cranes, usually floor mounted and rack guided overhead, store and retrieve pallets up to 40 metres high.

Shelving/ Bin rack system

Our shelving/ bin rack system is used for storage of IT parts/accessories, personal care and healthcare products. Shelving/Bin system is majorly used in the air-con room where we have greater control of the temperature.


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