Warehouse Management System

We operate our warehouse using state-of-the-art application that helps ensure on-time deliveries by streamlining the entire supply chain. Best-of-breed Warehouse Management System (EXceed) is widely used in our daily warehouse operation. WMS has broad range of functionality, it eliminates many paper processes and invariably improves accuracy. WMS provides a number of functions to manage all critical processes in the warehouse:
– Transferring inventory
– Adjusting inventory
– Moving inventory
– Putting inventory on hold
– Viewing inventory balance
– Viewing inventory transaction
– Maintaining cycle count report

Our WMS also provide the function of identifying location for inventory and helps to work out best mode of order processing.

WMS creates significant benefits to our customers by:
02– Improving inventory accuracy
– Improving efficiency by simplifying order processing
– Reducing inventory level
– Reducing manpower through process rationalisation
– Improving customer service level through faster order cycle time






Be it a business of single or multiple product categories, small-scale warehouse or large Distribution Centre, our WMS will free your headache and worries as the ultimately effective solution.

Efficiency & Effectiveness